Current Weather in Fredericton

2014-10-31 10:15 ADT
Fredericton, NB

Current Conditions

Special weather statement in effect.
Issued at: Friday, October 31 2014 05:05 ADT
Temperature: 4.6 °C
Sea Level Pressure: 101.8 kPa
Dew Point: 1.3 °C
Relative Humidity: 79%
Visibility: 16.1 km
Last Observation: Friday, October 31 2014 10:00 ADT
At: Fredericton Int'l Airport

Air Quality Health Index: 1.4
Last Observation: Friday, October 31 2014 09:00 ADT
At Station: Fredericton


Becoming a mix of sun and cloud this morning. 30 percent chance of showers late this afternoon.
High: 9 °C
Cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers.
Wind becoming northeast 20 km/h near midnight.
Low: 2 °C
Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning in the morning.
Amount 5 to 10 mm.
Wind northeast 20 km/h gusting to 40.
High: 5 °C
Snow or rain.
Low: 1 °C
High: 3 °C
A mix of sun and cloud with 40 percent chance of rain showers or flurries.
Low: 0 °C
High: 5 °C
A mix of sun and cloud.
Low: -4 °C
High: 7 °C
Low: 3 °C
High: 12 °C
Periods of rain.
Low: 4 °C
High: 11 °C

Issued at: Friday, October 31 2014 05:00 ADT


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